Monday, June 12, 2006

Press release from K M Frontain

A new PR from ERWF member K M Frontain. :)

Just released: The Redemption of Tehlm Sevet: Volume Two , the eleventh book in The Soulstone Chronicles.

Get the ashes. Get the soulstone. Raise the Shadow Master. It sounds simple enough. However, life is never simple for the beloved teacher of the Ulmeniran gryphon royalty. If Herfod can manage to recover from his near destruction at the hands of a too affectionate infant angel, he'll need to dodge the attention of Ugoth's gryphon forefather, survive a visit from Sticks' sire, appease both Ugoth’s and Jenna’s growing jealousy, and withstand the pressure of the Turamen brotherhood to take up his religious calling again, this despite that he's now married. If he can manage all that, then he'll get that soulstone at last, and provide for the resurrection a container of ashes of questionable origin.

Never let it be said that trouble only comes to Herfod. He’ll foment his own the moment nobody’s watching, and pay back, with an avalanche of disasters, every annoyance perpetrated on him.

Buy it now. This novel is available both in ebook or paperback format.

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