Friday, June 09, 2006

Snail's gallop

That's the speed of current progress on 'Feathered Friend', what with the hot weather and wanting to spend time in the garden, and too much cricket to watch on tv. :) But like British Rail I am getting there, if slowly, and the combined total of the two stories is now over the lower of the two targets on word count. Wheee!

The sex scene is still proving elusive but I quite often find that I get more inspiration for those once I've finished the story and am more familiar with the characters. Trying to write pure smut about characters I haven't yet built up a 'relationship' with is something I find particularly difficult. Mostly I suspect because I haven't had a chance to work out how they would likely react, but also because it's harder to care about complete strangers. In a funny sort of way. ;)

Anyhoo, here's a brief paragraph from the angsty part of the story to whet your appetites.

"Charlie sank to the floor, clutching the feather in one tightly-clenched hand, and rested his forehead on his knees. It wasn't fair. All he'd wanted was to keep the man he loved, but now he'd f*cked that up. Avery was bound to feel bitter over the way he'd been kept here against his will; now he'd escaped he wasn't likely to come back. "It's just not fair," Charlie mumbled to himself, but even as he said the words he knew they weren't true. What he'd done to Avery wasn't fair, and now he'd got his just reward. Slowly he clambered to his feet, brushed a tear from his cheek, and took the feather over to his grandmother's carved box. He piled all his treasures back inside, and laid the feather on the very top, and gently closed the lid."

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