Monday, March 08, 2010

Created in Birmingham

To my shame I've only recently discovered Created in Birmingham, the blog for all things (and people) creative in Brum. It looks as though I found it just in time, though, because shortly afterwards they opened their first ever store, in the main Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham city centre. They're initially there for a period of 6-8 weeks and will decide whether to continue the venture after the 'trial' period.

It's a wonderful space, right up on the top deck between the main entrance and Debenhams where it should catch lots of passing trade. Dave and I were in town yesterday morning and found it was open on Sundays, so we called in and were really impressed with the quality of the products being sold. There's everything from buttons and badges to large-scale artwork, via music and t-shirts with trendy designs, and most of it is very, very good. And the prices didn't make us blink, either. We treated ourselves to a signed limited-edition print by Jo Ruth of the famous Iron Man statue on New Street (by Anthony Gormley of 'Angel of the North' fame, no less) and were delighted with it. We'll definitely be popping back from time to time to check out any new stock they've had in.


Chris Unitt said...

Thanks very much for popping down and for the kind words. And for buying something, actually - extra points for that!

fiona glass said...

*blush* You're welcome! So, er what do the points count towards? *grins*