Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wet start to the month

And for once I'm not talking about the weather.

Yesterday I noticed the faint sound of dripping in our lounge, which is quite an achievement since there shouldn't be any water in there. Further investigation revealed a leak from a pipe in the bedroom, where we had an old washbasin taken out and the pipes capped off. The plumber hadn't done a very good job of the capping and one had split, causing water to percolate through the ceiling and down the lounge wall, where it was gathering behind the lining paper and then dripping onto the skirting board.

Needless to say the worst part was right behind a large bookcase so half way through my lunch I had to leap up, clear all the books off their shelves and hump the bookcase out of the way before I could get busy with mops and towels. And of course we had to turn the water off at the mains, and had one kettle-full to last us all afternoon and part of the evening.

Dave called out an emergency plumber who arrived, finally, at 7pm (they're run off their feet with all the burst pipes etc caused by the cold weather) and fixed the leak. Rather amazingly, he only charged us £40 which is a far cry from emergency plumbers we've had before who seem to charge by the minute. Many thanks for a great service, Dynorod, we'll be using you again. If we have to, which I rather hope we don't...

Now we just have to wait for the plaster to dry out before redecorating in the lounge. Luckily I was thinking about a change of colour in there anyway, but I could have done without the drama!


Bill Kirton said...

All too familiar Fiona. Ever since we had our roof replaced by (as it turned out) a cowboy, we've dreaded any prolonged wet periods. Another reason to move to somewhere like Hawaii perhaps? Or the Gobi desert?

Melisse Aires said...

Nothing worse than a leak!

We had a new roof put on a couple years ago and the tiles were defective. My bedroom started to leak in two places, so the roofers patched it. It happened again! Finally they figured the tiles were defective and re-tiled half the house.

fiona glass said...

Luckily we caught the leak before it did too much damage but we were so glad it hadn't happened the previous week when we were away!

Ironic really that we survived all the floods before Christmas and then this happens... *rolls eyes*