Friday, March 19, 2010

My books for sale at Created in Birmingham

Those nice people at the Created in Birmingham shop have agreed to stock both Radgepacket Volume 2 and Radgepacket Volume 4, since both have a story by a local author (ie, me!) in them.

I'm absolutely delighted about this, because it gets the Byker Books name out to a whole new audience (and let's face it, there aren't too many independent British publishers taking the sort of dark, gritty urban fiction that Byker like), and also because it hopefully gets *my* name out to a whole new audience. This is the first time I've had physical books for sale anywhere except the internet and it's rather nice to think that people will mooch into the shop and be able to pick up and browse my work.

CiB have asked for a few more details including business cards to hand out, and a display card with a few details about myself, so I shall be beavering away on those over the weekend.

For those of you who want to check the shop (and my books!) out, it's on the upper level of the Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham city centre, between the main entrance (with the bull statue) and Debenhams. It opens from 11 am each day, it's full of exciting local artwork, and the staff are very friendly. What more could you want?


Bill Kirton said...

Yes, having 'physical books for sale' is exciting, isn't it? Somehow it beats having plays performed or ebooks downloaded. Congratulations, Fiona. Here's to lots of sales.

fiona glass said...

Thanks, Bill. :)

I've had print books for sale before now, but only ever via the internet - Amazon, publishers' websites etc - and not on a shelf in a shop. It makes it seem more 'real', for some reason.