Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First trees, now badgers

Those of you who know me have already spotted that I'm passionate about wildlife, the environment, and the countryside. That includes trees (see post about the Brockhole monkey puzzle below) and also wild animals - not least, badgers.

Recently the government have issued culling orders for badgers in two English counties where bovine TB is a problem. The idea is that badgers spread the disease to cattle, and although that has never been conclusively proved, the solution is to kill all the badgers in a particular area and hope that stops TB in cattle.

Former rock guitarist and environmental campaigner Brian May has started up an online petition to try to get the government to reconsider, and it's proving popular. So far, it has well in excess of 100,000 signatures (over the amount needed to debate the matter in Parliament) and that number is growing by the hour. If you'd like to support this cause, please hurry along to the petition website and add your name to the list. And once again, thanks for listening.


Liz/moth said...

Signed - despite a current ongoing row with the badgers who have moved in under our fishpond and are wrecking the garden!

Fiona Glass said...

Aww, bless their furry little feet. How on earth did they get underneath the pond without draining it? You'd think their sett would be under five inches of water. LOL