Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Passing showers...

Ever since we moved into our city crash pad, we've been having problems with a leaking shower. Take a bath and it's fine, but the minute anyone runs the shower you could practically sail boats across the bathroom floor.

We've been scratching our heads and trying one thing after another to stop the flood. Replacing all the mastic between the bath tub and the wall. Running an extra shower curtain across inside the existing shower screen. Mopping up and starting again when neither of those worked.

Then this morning I stuck my head round the bathroom door while Dave was in the shower, to see if I could spot the leak. I'd expected to have to grub about under the bath for ages, checking various pipes and tubes, but in the event it was much easier than that. The minute I opened the door I was met with a small but persistant cascade, from underneath the plastic strip that joins the shower screen to the wall. The mastic there had failed completely and it was quite literally running with water, which was then spreading out across the rest of the floor.

We didn't have time to fix it, but at least now we know what the problem is. Dave will take a mastic gun to both sides of the joint and blast the gap into extinction, and hopefully after that the water will stay inside the bath.

Every new property has its teething problems; let's hope this one was ours.

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