Thursday, September 27, 2012

Writing on the walls

Last weekend we visited another new National Trust property in the area, Wray Castle.  Like Allan Bank, which I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, this has suffered over the years, although in this case it was from neglect and general knocking-about whilst run by a couple of management training companies over the last few decades.

As with Allan Bank, the Trust aren't yet furnishing the house, but have left it mostly bare to show off the structure, and leave the interpretation of the rooms open to the visitors.  As with Allan Bank, there are activities for the kids, displays on the local archives, a reading room.  And as with Allan Bank, you can write on some of the walls.

In the former library, the walls have been lined with paper covered in pictures of blank books, and visitors are encouraged to fill in the title of their favourite book, and sign with their own name.  It's a lovely idea, and judging by the fact that all four walls have been filled, and more book outlines are being drawn on above where the paper ends, it's proved amazingly popular.

And I'm afraid I couldn't resist.  Faced with opportunity like that, I clambered on a stool, drew in an outline of my own, and filled it in with the title and publisher of my forthcoming book.  Here's the rather blatant result:

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