Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missed her!

In spite of the heat I was all set to trot down into Bowness just after lunch to join the throng waiting to see and greet the Queen.  All the bumf about the visit I'd seen said she was due in the 'early afternoon', which I took to mean some time between 1pm and 2pm, perhaps later if she'd been held up anywhere.

Just as I was finishing the last few bites of my sandwich I noticed a steady procession of people past the front window: mostly children, some clutching Union Jack flags.  And they were heading away from the lake, not towards it.  Which means the royal party must have arrived not much later than 12 noon, and I missed the whole thing.



Possbert said...

Did she call into Lakeland while she was in the area? Or the Pencil Museum?


Fiona Glass said...

LOL - no, nothing quite so interesting - she visited a paper factory near Kendal. ;)