Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The recent spell of hot weather has gone out with the proverbial bang; violent thunderstorms this morning which fried several sets of railway signal equipment and brought down part of a church tower near Manchester.  We didn't have anything quite that dramatic here, but it was quite noisy for a while and the rain came down in buckets for about an hour.  The tall white daisies in the back garden are now mostly horizontal and one or two other things are looking rather sorry for themselves, but after 3 weeks with no rain and hour after hour of blazing sunshine, I can't really complain.

And there's more on the way this evening, apparently.  It's certainly looking rather threatening in the south, and feels like a tropical greenhouse.

It's been baking in my little study all day, but rather to my amazement I settled down with some writing this afternoon, and added part of a new scene to a novella I'm currently working on.  It was only a few hundred words, but still more than I was expecting so a useful bonus.  Here's hoping it's a bit cooler (and a bit less crash-y and bang-y) tomorrow.

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Sharon.M.Bidwell said...

When we have a downpour our poor bamboo always does the 'horizontal', or at least manages to droop over enough to look very sorry for itself. Very changeable here lately. I was going to say summer is over, but it keeps returning...for all of ten minutes here and there.