Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Riptide website overhaul

Just in case anyone is desperately trying to access the Riptide website over the next few days, here's advance warning: the site will be down for a few days while they overhaul their entire site and catalogue.

The end result will be pared down in terms of style, but vastly improved in terms of speed and searchability, with all sorts of new tags, databases and what-have-you to help the reader find what they want.

This apparently entails much poking about in virtual entrails so the website will be 'down' for three to four days at the beginning of August.  I'm told there will be no access from 1st August through to 4th August, and the new site will launch, fully fledged and raring to go, on 5th August.

So if anyone is trying to find out more about my books, or anything else for that matter, please bear with them for a few days.  It sounds as though it'll be worth the wait.

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