Friday, June 10, 2011

Afternoon sun

After a damp and chilly week, late yesterday afternoon the sun came out and suddenly everything was transformed. Dave and I had been working hard all day but we took one look out of the window at the sparkling sunshine and puffy white clouds and said, more or less in chorus, 'Forget work, let's go for a walk!'

We donned boots and jackets and set off on one of the many walks from our doorstep, following our local stream past a waterfall, then over the fields to the lake, along the lake shore to the local landing stages, and back up to the village past another impressive waterfall that we'd never seen before.

It was magical. The breeze ruffled the lake into choppy waves, the sun glinted off the water, there were ducklings (or possibly grebe chicks, they were just too far from shore to be certain) bobbing about, and for once I'd even remembered my camera. Pictures, I hope, to follow.

On the way back we realised we were starving so we called in at our favourite pub for a slap-up pub-grub meal, then staggered back home full but happy.

Today it's been back to the cold and the storms so we're really glad we grabbed the opportunity.

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