Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Only 25 words...

...but it still tells a story. You might remember a few weeks back I was battling with ideas for a new flash fiction magazine, 5x5 Fiction, which wanted stories that were exactly 25 words, in five sentences of five words each. It was bloomin' hard work, but after several hours of tussling I came up with two stories I was reasonably happy with, and sent them off.

And the great news is, 5x5 Fiction has accepted one of them for its upcoming Issue 2. Wrong Number is a dark piece about a telephone call with a hidden meaning, and the wonders or otherwise of modern technology. And all in only 25 words!

The editor of 5x5 Fiction is still reading entries for Issue 2 but as soon as I know when the story will be available I'll pop an update on here. Possibly in 25 words. ;)


Stephen Cooper said...

Hi, just wanted to share some of my musings with you, as a fellow radgepacket contributor!


Fiona Glass said...

Hi Stephen, thanks for getting in touch. It's always good to hear from fellow Radgies. ;)