Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New release

Pill Hill Press have surpassed themselves. 'There Was a Crooked House', the anthology containing my story The Other Side of Silence, was due out some time in July, but they've bust a gut (metaphorically speaking) and released it in both print and electronic formats already.

They usually specialise in spec fic with a leaning towards horror, but this anthology is more in the paranormal/creepy range, with stories inspired by the title and the rather nice cover artwork. And it's absolutely stuffed with stories - twenty-seven by my reckoning, although you might want to verify that since adding up has never been my strongest point.

In keeping with the general tone, The Other Side of Silence is a darkish, creepy little tale about a woman's brush with the paranormal as a child. When Nicole is left White House in her Aunt Esther's will she has mixed feelings, thanks to an unfortunate childhood experience. Will time heal her wounds when she finally goes back? The story was originally inspired by a painting I saw in an antique shop window - a Victorian oil painting of a white house in the snow, with its door open and a woman standing on the doorstep. It was beautiful yet somehow unnerving and otherworldly, and the image has stayed with me for years.

'There Was a Crooked House' is available via Pill Hill's online store and will be coming to Amazon and other distributors shortly.

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