Monday, June 20, 2011

Four for the 'price' of one

I had some great news the other day as Pill Hill Press, who are already in the process of publishing my ghost story The Other Side of Silence, have just accepted four flash stories for their latest flash anthology.

The idea of Daily Flashes of Fiction is to have 365 (or six) ultra-short stories, one for every day of the year. All are on the speculative fiction side (sci-fi, fantasy, mild horror etc) and none are over 500 words long - perfect for a daily 'bite' over a cup of coffee.

The stories they've taken include a reprint of This Life Sucks, a poignant vampire story which first appeared in Flash Me Magazine, plus stories about a 'peeping tom' farmer, a monster in a country house maze, and an enigmatic dog.

As far as I know the anthology will be published towards the back end of the year, ready for 2012, but I'll obviously keep everyone posted when I have more specific details.


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