Friday, June 15, 2012

I think I'm psychic!

How's this for timing? Only two weeks after the publication of Necessity's Door, British policing minister Nick Herbert has given undercover officers official permission to have sex with 'clients' if their cover or their safety depend on it.

You can see the details in this article from The Metro newspaper.

This is not giving officers blanket (sorry, pun not intended) approval to sleep with whoever they like. But in an awkward situation where refusing sex might give rise to suspicions, they can now act without fear of reprisal. Which does suggest, of course, that the practise was already going on, unofficially, and this has merely formalised it. Something that Jake, of course, knew all along. ;)

And no, before anyone asks, I did not pay Mr Herbert a penny to make this announcement so soon after my book was released!

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