Thursday, June 07, 2012

Necessity's Door blog tour - day eight

This is the last day of my journey around the blogosphere (stopping off at a couple of places some days has cut the tour from ten days to eight) and I'm going out with a bang, with two different guest posts to read.

First I'm back at Amara's Place with a piece about the settings in Necessity's Door. Did you know, for instance, that some of the places I mention in the book really exist, or used to? Pop along to Amara's to find out which ones, and where!

After that I'm off to Top 2 Bottom Reviews to answer lots of questions in a slightly racy author interview.

Don't forget, too, that this is your last chance to enter my contest, for the chance to win a couple of books from my back catalogue and some swag. The contest will be ending at midnight (US time) tonight so if you haven't already answered those three simple questions, get reading, get emailing - and good luck!

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