Friday, June 01, 2012

Live chat - British Belles - today!

As well as my blog tour, I'll also be involved in a live chat today (Friday 1st June) at Beth Wylde's yahoo group. Every June she throws open her group to glbt authors and I'm lucky enough to have bagged the very first day!

Here are some more details:

"Hello there from Fiona Glass, one sixth of the group calling ourselves the British Belles who will be chatting today, Friday 1st June, at Beth Wylde's yahoo group. (Don't ask who came up with the name - I'm keeping quiet to protect the guilty. LOL) Anyway, the rest of the group are fellow Brit m/m writers Sharon Maria Bidwell, Becky Black, Anne Brooke, Clare London and Jo Myles, and we'll be kick-starting the whole pride month on Beth's group on Friday 1st June. (And a very big thanks to Beth for organising this.)

Seeing as Britain is currently celebrating the Queen's Jubilee this very weekend, we thought we'd do our bit by throwing a virtual party. We'll be opening up the bubbly (or brewing a nice cup of tea if you prefer that sort of thing), celebrating all things British, telling you about ourselves and our work, and giving away a load of books.

If you want to find out about the Jubilee, the Olympics, the torch relay, us, our books, or anything else about Britain, feel free to join us here all day Friday and ask away. Just make sure you bring your own bottle, and don't leave the empties rolling round in Beth's group!

You'll need to register at Beth's group to join us but it's both easy and free - just pop along to and sign yourself up!"

The chat starts at 8.00 am EST, which I think translates as 1.00 pm Brtish time, and the six of us will be popping in and out in relays pretty much all day. I hope to see you there!

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