Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lovely review for Necessity's Door

I've had a smashing review for Necessity's Door from a Goodreads reader. I'm always delighted when a reader enjoys one of my books, and even more so when they write to say why. I do put a lot of care and love into my writing, and it's wonderful to find that someone has read my book, and got every bit as much out of it as I'd hoped when I was writing it. So, thank you Adara O'hare - you really made my day.

"An interesting short novella about an undercover officer posing as a rentboy. He gets caught between his job and his life when he meets a real john who's not part of his mission but he has to go with the guy to maintain his cover. And he likes it. A lot. And then he gets paid, and no one really knows about it, so even though he should declare it, he's got some financial difficulty riding him and that money could help, and no one will know, so what's the harm, and if the guy keeps coming back and no one knows, is it still maintaining his cover, or is it more...

The confusion of right and wrong, reality and fiction fuses into one big mess for Jake. It's a well-thought out dilemma, in my opinion, and the whole thought process felt very... human. Completely understandable where he's coming from, and why it would be so easy to just...

I LOVED the voice of this piece. I've read several stories which were written in British English, but the colloquialisms were almost non-existent. Not so here. The colloquialisms are what made this story for me, part of what made it so human--a more natural interaction.

If I had had a gripe, and I really don't, it would have been the ending, because I wanted more--I wanted to be a fly on the wall for the coming conversation--but I realized it really didn't make sense to go there with this story. It would have drug on to go there. So, after thinking about it, I have no gripes."

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