Tuesday, January 26, 2010

100 Stories for Haiti

This is a very worthwhile project to produce a charity anthology of short stories in aid of the Red Cross Haiti appeal. The deadline was originally 25 January but has just been extended to midnight on Wednesday 27 January, which is great news for me because I only found out about the anthology earlier today and thought I'd already missed it.

You can find full details including submission guidelines at the official 100 Stories for Haiti blog.

I was really keen to take part so I've sent them a very short and very silly flash about a man who always wanted to fly. I won't be entirely surprised if they choose not to use it since they want stories that are full of hope and compassion, which Is It a Bird? isn't really - but hopefully it'll make someone laugh. If it isn't accepted, I'll post it in full on my blog next week and ask readers who enjoy it to make a donation to a Haiti appeal charity of their choice.

And if you have a spare story kicking around, please consider donating it. But do it NOW, because there's not much time!

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