Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oooh, shiny

I'm typing this from the right side of an upgrade to Windows 7. My pc had been running Win2000 with IE6 for a couple of years, but it was getting slower and slower, and so many of the big sites (Google, YouTube, MySpace) are getting ready to stop supporting IE6 that I thought it was time for a change.

So far, it's gone quite well. Even after a full system backup there's still more than a few of those heart-stopping moments (where's my writing files? have I lost my favourites folder?) but for the time being the biggest nuisance is that you can't use Outlook Express. This has been my stand-by ever since I first had a home computer with e-mail capacity, way back when, and I liked it, dammit. Dave has found me a freebie replacement (Mozilla Thunderbird) which works just fine, but everything is in a different place and I'm having to poke around for the simplest function. I'll get there, it's just frustrating while it lasts.

Most of my other programs seem to be running so I can still browse the internet, update my web page and (most important of all) write. I think I'd have spontaneously combusted if my copy of WordPerfect hadn't worked. That really is an old and trusted friend. ;)

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