Friday, January 15, 2010

Story finished

The inspiration worked. Yesterday I finally finished that minotaur story - at least to first draft. It'll need a thorough read-through and lots more work (I suspect the ending is very rushed) but I'm so pleased and relieved to have finally got the thing down on paper.

It fought back every inch of the way, mind you. Sometimes I can tap away on the keyboard with barely a break for hours; this time I was typing four words and deleting three. But I got there in the end, minutes before Dave returned from a horrible trip back from Kent (fire on the rail line, trains delayed etc etc).

In other news, the Big Freeze has at last given way to the Big Thaw. It actually rained this morning and the snow is in full (if slow) retreat. Everything looks disgusting - slush, rotting ice, and great pools of filthy water - but the pavements are clearing and I'm hopeful I'll soon be able to get out and about easily, without fearing for my life and strapping on my fell-walking boots just to get to the front gate.


Melisse Aires said...

The minotaur legend is a great base for a story. Sounds interesting.

Bill Kirton said...

It's a good feeling, isn't it? To have actually got the whole thing on paper or screen. I know that means there's still work to do on it, but it seems like a huge hurdle has been negotiated. Bon courage for the redrafting, editing, etc.

fiona glass said...

Thanks Melisse - I'm hoping the story will be entertaining. :)

Bill - yes, it's a great feeling. Particularly as I struggle to finish anything since I have the attention span of a gnat. LOL