Monday, January 18, 2010

Nice to get out...

The snow has finally gone, apart from a few small patches in areas that never get the sun. Everything looks dismal and scruffy and very 'after the storm' with all the detritus that was caught in the snow strewn all over the roads and pavements - and the potholes have to be seen to be believed - but at least it isn't slippy.

Dave and I celebrated by spending as much time out of the house as possible over the weekend. On Saturday morning we headed into the city centre and spent an hour browsing in the library, mostly for a particular British Standard he needed for work. We also had a lovely oriental soup lunch at Eat and a good look round the last few scrag-ends of the sales. In the afternoon we trotted round to the local high street, bought a few bits and bobs, got a quote for a new pc from the local computer supplies shop, had tea and a sticky cake in one of the organic cafes, and enjoyed the positively tropical temperatures (5c, since you ask).

Yesterday we had a successful but rather expensive shopping trip to Solihull. We treated ourselves to a new mini hi-fi system, and then I bought a new motherboard-processor-memory bundle as my pc is overloading and getting steadily slower and more unreliable. Dave liked the look of the bundle so much he got himself one too, and then we picked up a copy of Windows 7 each in Tesco. My wallet and Dave's credit card were uttering protesting squawks but we haven't updated our systems for some time and in the case of my pc I need it behaving itself for work.

And this morning I've had another trip into town to pick up an order from Argos. It's lovely to have the freedom to go out whenever we feel like it. I'm making the most of it because they're (whispers) forecasting more snow for later in the week...

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