Wednesday, January 06, 2010

More snow

There's been another dollop of snow in the UK and like most places, Birmingham hasn't escaped. It snowed most of yesterday evening and some of the night and is still going this morning, with around 4-5 inches lying on the ground. It all looks stunning, but one of my friends says the pavements are already treacherous and with temperatures set to plummet to -10 overnight, and not rise above freezing for several days, I'm not a particularly happy bunny.

On the good side, Dave's meeting in Kent tomorrow has been cancelled so I'm hoping he won't have to travel. He could probably get down there in one piece today, but I'm less confident of him getting back again.

This winter is now apparently the 'longest cold spell' in almost 30 years - right back to 1981. I don't remember that as a particularly bad winter but I do remember the stories Mum told me about 1963, when she had to cling to the washing line whilst pegging clothes out to dry because of all the ice in the back garden. I'm just hoping it doesn't start breaking those sort of records this year.

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