Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

Just dropping by to wish all my friends, family, readers and passers-by a very happy and prosperous 2010.

We managed to get snowed in over Christmas and had no tree, almost no decorations, and only as much food as Dave could carry back by hand from the village, slithering all the way. We made the best of things but it wasn't quite what we'd intended and we had to come home early the minute we could dig the car out because there was more bad weather on the way. I'd always thought that being snowed in would be terribly romantic but as with most things the reality is very different and it was all rather a worry, especially as we had to put off our friends who were due to spend New Year with us.

Luckily they managed to book us into a local Thai restaurant on New Year's Eve instead; we had a wonderful meal and then staggered back to their place to see the new year in. It might have lacked the sheer romance of the Lake District but it was still a great evening.

I'm trying very hard to buckle down to work but my study is freezing and it's hard to concentrate when you have numb fingers and icicles hanging off your nose...

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